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2018 Hurricane Season Resources

We have compiled useful resources from and our friends at IBHS to share with our agents, homeowners and business owners in advance of the upcoming 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Tips on Checking Your Insurance Coverage

Tips on Strengthening Your Home

  • #HurricanePrep tip: Bring in outdoor furniture & anything else that is not tied down to prevent injury/damage from debris.

  • #HurricanePrep tip: Trim trees & shrubs. High winds can turn branches into projectiles during a storm.

  • Reduce property damage in the event of a hurricane by retrofitting (i.e., reinforcing) the roof, windows, and doors. #HurricanePrep

  • Prepare your property before a #hurricane by installing storm shutters. More mitigation tips at:  #HurricanePrep

  • You can act now to reduce potential property damage caused by floodwaters. Use flood damage resistant materials. # HurricanePrep

  • When constructing a new home or upgrading an existing home, consider elevating the structure to better protect against floodwaters and/or storm surge. #HurricanePrep

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