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Affordable Home Insurance

Affordable Home Insurance (AHI) is one of northwest Florida's leading independent agencies. Under the leadership of its founder, Dennis Gagnon Jr., AHI has been instrumental to Centauri's growth in the Florida Panhandle. “Dennis Gagnon and his team have been incredible partners to Centauri and have exceeded my expectations since becoming their sales manager in June. I am excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2021.” said Dwayne Williamson, North FL Regional Sales Manager.

Company culture plays an important part in the agency and is one of the reasons why it is so successful. Dennis Gagnon, AHI's president, says "We want the agency to feel like family. We probably spend more time with our colleagues at the office than our own families at home so it is important to enjoy the people we work with."

​​Learn more about this outstanding agency partner:

Dennis P. Gagnon Jr., President


Fast Facts About Manchester Insurance

Can I take a Free Trial class?

Try a class on us! (Kids I + II Only) We offer one (1) Free Class Pass to any Kids Martial Arts class of your choosing. Please see our class schedule under the "Schedule" tab on our website for the schedule of all our services. The "fine print": Only current tri-state (NY,NJ,CT) area residents are eligible. One Free Class Pass per person. Proof of residency is required. Students may access any classes within their experience level during the trial. *Trying a no-gi class? Please wear a rash guard and training shorts (no buttons or zippers!)

Are there day passes available?

Looking to visit the Arena Training Center? Come on by! We have two (2) types of drop-in passes available: Single Class Pass $30 USD Unlimited Day Class Pass $50 USD Free Class Passes are NOT available at this time for the Adult classes, ONLY Kids I + II programs- please visit the FAQ on "Free Class Pass". ***You may always drop into a class or just stop by to watch. Filming is not permitted during classes. Photos are "OK".**

What are the Codes of Conduct?

The Arena Training Center is different from all other martial arts a great way! Here we have a Code of Conduct that all of our students/members follow. Please familiarize yourself with the codes:

Students must always show respect to their peers and instructors.

Please treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

All students share the responsibility of keeping the training center clean.

Please do not arrive late to class or leave early without obtaining permission first.

Students must remain quiet and attentive in class, especially when an instructor is demonstrating a technique.

Students must wear a clean Jiu Jitsu uniform in good repair at all times.

No-Gi, kickboxing and strength & conditioning classes require clean and appropriate training clothes at all times.

No students are allowed on the mats in street attire during class.

No hats, outdoor shoes or jewelry is allowed on the mat area.

Pants must be worn in an appropriate manner.

Students must keep their shirts on at all times. If you need to change, please use the changing room.

All students are required to report any injury, health, or skin condition to their instructor prior to class.

Keep finger nails and toe nails short for everyone’s safety.

No obscene language or ill-tempered behavior is allowed. Control your emotions at all times.

Always train to the best of your ability. This is to instill respect and discipline towards the martial arts, training partners and yourself.

Do not abuse your knowledge of the Martial Arts. Martial Arts should be used only to protect yourself and others.

Do any of the Coaches host private 1 on 1 training ?

Please contact us directly via email at for further information on privates.

What are the rules on Social Media posting?

Let's get Social ! You are more than welcome to take pictures at the Arena Training Center- in fact, we encourage it! Please tag us by Instagram, Facebook, or website. You may also repost our content...We'd apprecaite the love! BUT please....NO FILMING/RECORDING of class instructionals. Photos are "OK". Thank you!

What are the gym's hours of operation?

The Arena Training Center is open seven (7) days a week during scheduled class times. **Please visit the "Schedule" tab for class hours** If you are looking to contact/call the gym, our customer service hours are from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm EST, and of course, you can always e-mail the gym for "around the clock" contact. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have!