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Stephanie Braden
Project Management Director

Last September, Centauri released a soft launch to allow our Florida agents to begin quoting and issuing new business policies in STAR. This approach gave agents the ability to use the platform of their choice for a period of time. As our Florida agents gained experience and confidence using the STAR platform, we made the decision to transfer all agents over to STAR at the end of February 2022.

Since then, the project team has worked tirelessly implementing features and streamlining processes to prepare for our conversion launch back in September 2022. With a live system and ongoing development, minimizing scope changes became the biggest challenge to overcome to maintain the timeline. Also, due to large system differences between STAR and IPX, conversion strategies occasionally required some creative solutions.

Ultimately, the time came, and we decided to execute our plan over the long Labor Day weekend. We disabled all servicing of Florida business in IPX and then shut down the STAR system for seven days to allow the data to migrate. Upon completion of the week, we gained access to STAR and began to explore the system.

As with any launch, we expected to encounter some issues. But, overall, we have been able to react to those issues and work through solutions to get us to where we need to be. The biggest concern has been to minimize the impact to our agents and customers, so they can have a good experience on our new platform and desire to work with us in the future.

We are excited for the next steps including the addition of Louisiana, followed by our other state migrations, new product offerings, and continued STAR improvements.

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