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Tips for Selecting and Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution

Have you established any new year's resolutions for 2019?  Studies reveal that more than half of all new year's resolutions fail.  Don't let your resolution fail and successfully achieve your 2019 goals by following a few helpful tips that we have outlined below:

1. Pick the right resolution.  Find a goal that is attainable. 

2. Pick a goal that is specific.  The less vague, the better.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight, specify early-on how much weight you want to lose.

3.  Pick a goal that is achievable and realistic.  Small steps towards your goal will ensure a more successful outcome.  

4. Pick a goal that is relevant.  Does this goal really matter to you?

5. Make sure your goal has a realistic timeline. Be sure to give yourself enough time to make gradual progress.

6. Celebrate small victories. Reward yourself for reaching small goals.

7. Know that there will be hurdles, but maintain the mind-set that you are in this for the long-haul.  

8. Set a plan for your goals, but be flexible if life gets in the way.  Have a back-up plan rather than just giving up.

More helpful tips can be found by visiting

We wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and prosperous 2019!

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