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Ricardo A. Espino
President & CEO

Letter from our President

Living in these unprecedented times necessitates resiliency, resourcefulness, transparency, and most of all nimbleness. Although most of us are thinking about these words in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and how our lives have been forever changed, I can’t help but feel a parallel, albeit on a significantly smaller scale, to the Centauri story over the past year. Our organization and our employees have experienced quite a few significant changes these last 12 months, and that has affected Centauri and how it moves forward, forever.

Certainly, COVID-19 is changing the way we work everyday here at Centauri. Since most of our employees are still in various forms of work-from-home, we have been forced to adapt to a new norm for communicating and executing strategies. I had no idea what Microsoft Teams was prior to this pandemic and I bet if I asked a lot of you that same question, I would get a similar response.  Yet today, I can’t seem to go a day without using this great communication application. I don’t know if I will go a day without using it going forward. The way we communicate and conduct business has changed, and in a lot of ways, the tools we are now using make us more resourceful and certainly nimble.


While adapting to COVID-19 takes center stage in my message, it would be irresponsible if I did not also mention the many ways Centauri has changed forever since undergoing our ownership transition back in March. It was quite the rollercoaster ride, formulating one transaction and working on that transaction for many months, then quickly pivoting and executing on a totally different one. It took resiliency, resourcefulness, transparency, and most of all nimbleness to finalize what is now evolving into a great relationship with Applied Underwriters and their team. As many of you are aware, Applied Underwriters, who are nationally recognized as a large workers compensation company and writer of long tail insurance business, recognized an opportunity, entered the picture, and more importantly quickly executed with all its resources to finalize the transaction. Our new ownership, which as of today, is still pending regulatory review and subsequent approval will provide the resources needed, in various forms, and will allow us to be successful for many years to come. They have been supportive at every level and every step of the way. They have also afforded our entire team the autonomy to continue to build upon our vision and the success we have had with many of our partners, that is truly a rare gift after an acquisition. While we begin to build for our future, we would like to bid a farewell to our legacy shareholders, and their representatives, many with whom we have forged lifelong friendships. I want to say thank you for being a part of what Centauri is and has become. It has been a fun ride over the past nine and a half years filled with mostly ups.


Change is in the air, everywhere we look, from the impacts of COVID-19, to shareholders, to vision and strategy, to a new hardening property insurance market landscape. Those that are able to adapt, show resiliency, resourcefulness, transparency and remain nimble at every level and in every communication will undoubtedly benefit from all of these changes. They are all core values Centauri has embraced for many years and memorialized into our corporate culture. We look forward to this new future and continuing to strive towards the Centauri vision.

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