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Meet The Applied Group

As many of you are aware, Centauri joined the Applied Group last year creating a partnership that fortified our financial stability and allows us to implement programs to better support our agents. While we have been busy finalizing that deal, we realized many of you may not be familiar with our new partner. Here is your chance to get to know them a little better!
The Applied Group is a global risk services firm headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska that helps businesses and individuals manage uncertainty through its business services, insurance and reinsurance solutions. As a company, they have been distinguished by their innovative approaches to client care and by their financial strength.
Applied’s story starts with workers’ compensation insurance. They took a difficult, heavily regulated line of insurance, made it their singular focus, and made it better by first learning its intricacies and the very real human risk it addresses. They then used that insight to help their customers better manage their risk. This pattern of deep study, considering the human side of risk, seeing opportunities where others see obstacles, and educating customers carried them to new product lines, new challenges, and a global collective of loyal customers and partners.
Their mission is to guide governments, businesses, and people through financial risk by applying unconventional thinking to the conventional tools of insurance, reinsurance, investing, and business services. Digging deeper, applying technology and analytics, finding profitable avenues through even the toughest risks - they help their customers and partners manage uncertainty so they can push confidently toward their highest aspirations.
Insurance is only a small part of their arsenal. Their greatest strength lies in applying risk financing and management techniques that improve the socioeconomic development of communities. A natural progression of that strength is to expand their capabilities around the globe. Venturing into sovereign finance and risk transfer brings their creativity and ability to connect people and capital to governments everywhere. With their guidance and vast global resources, governments can find unimagined ways to create growth, opportunity, and better lives for their citizens.
Now that you've gotten to know Applied a little better, you can see why we feel fortunate in finding a partner who's mission and values are so complementary to ours and who will aid in our growth for years to come.
To learn even more about The Applied Group, please visit their site at
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