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Centauri Announces New Product Offerings and Enhancements

Increased competition stimulates creativity and this year has given Centauri an opportunity to think outside the box.  Following the launch of Centauri's business owner's and commercial residential programs in Florida, the company launched a DP-3 program in the states of Mississippi and Texas in September 2015. In 2016, the company will introduce its Condominium (HO-6) program in the Gulf States – beginning with Alabama and a Dwelling Fire (DP-3) program in Florida. Centauri will expand its operations in to the state of California, writing Earthquake coverage and will expand the commercial operations in to Louisiana with a Business Owners Program. 

In addition to these new product releases, Centauri has lowered wind/hail and named storm minimum deductibles in several markets and introduced an auto companion discount. Lower rates have been introduced in territories throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.  Coming in early January, Centauri’s South Carolina agency partners will see at rate decrease in many coastal zip codes. Centauri will also be introducing an auto companion discount in South Carolina, as well as other new coverage options. 


Along with these offerings, Centauri has also been adding more discounts, increasing the maximum credit, and revising our Companion Policy discounts to apply to all perils. Where not already implemented, these changes will begin to show up in 2016.

Centauri is committed to continually working at rounding out its product offerings in each state.  These enhancements are sure to make Centauri’s products more attractive to its agents and prospective clients.

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