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Achieving Operational Excellence Through Transformation


Traci Stillwagon
VP of Operations

Operational excellence describes the capability and efficiency of an organization’s ability to execute. As an example, if multiple competitors have similar strategies or products, the entity most skilled at executing on their strategies will deliver the best solutions for their customers at a lower operating expense. Often operational excellence is influenced or achieved through the adoption or integration of continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean practices, Six Sigma or Agile methodologies.

In addition, operational approaches require identifying areas where results are actionable and measurable. An effective path to monitor the progression to excellence is through development of SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time bound). SMART goals need re-visited regularly to ensure the right behavior and result is measured to drive the desired outcome. 

Operational transformation enables strategic growth and the realization of visionary plans through enhanced digital capabilities and technology solutions to drive long term sustainability. True transformation deeply embraces change: processes need challenged and innovated; the customer experience needs measured and optimized; future growth opportunities need seized and technology needs leveraged to drive data driven decision making. Transformation often finds non-traditional ways to handle end-to-end value chain challenges with solutions spanning from AI, machine learning and robotics to simple automation. Operational transformation facilitates long term advantages of increased revenue, improved performance, and expanded productivity.

At Centauri Insurance, we’re operationally transforming on our path to operational excellence. Transformation is our environment; we’re implementing new claims handling technology with a parallel effort underway for modernizing our policy administration system. With the uplift in technology capabilities we’re also transforming policies and procedures and making enhancements to agent and policyholder interactions. We’re focusing on reliably improving services, strategically innovating processes, nimbly accelerating internal and external resources, transparently redefining traditional business models and resiliently expanding where Centauri adds value, protection, and peace of mind.
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