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Product Highlights

What's New or On the Horizon with Centauri Insurance Products

Personal/Residential Lines Product Updates

Centauri plans to introduce a Service Line coverage endorsement in each of our states this year. Service Line coverage protects homeowners by extending coverage for damage to underground piping and wiring that connects a home to a public utility service provider or to a private system.

We’ve made enhancements to our Alabama HO & DP programs effective 5/15/18 for new business and renewal business. Changes in the Homeowners program include improved rates on higher value homes with coverage limits of $300,000 and above, adding the ability to write Secondary/Seasonal Homes, and adding a $300,000 limit for Animal Liability.

We’ve made enhancements to our South Carolina HO & DP programs for new business effective 5/1/18 and renewal business effective 6/15/18. Changes in our Homeowners program include enriching our Companion Auto discount to include discounts based on auto limits on both the wind and non-wind perils, adding higher limits to our Star Packages at no additional cost, and offering increased limits for Animal Liability.

Commercial Lines Product Updates - Florida Only

The BOP Cyber Data Compromise Endorsement has an annual aggregate limit of $10,000 & provides both first-party coverage for expenses directly related to the data compromise and third-party defense and liability coverage for suits and damages resulting from a data compromise. This optional endorsement is available for both new business and existing policies at an additional cost of $25.

For a copy of the Cyber Data Compromise endorsement, click here.

When a major piece of equipment breaks down, business operations can quickly come to a halt. Centauri Insurance is introducing the Commercial Equipment Breakdown Power Plus Endorsement to help business owners better meet this risk. 


This endorsement enhances our current Equipment Breakdown coverage with additional features and add-ons at the same affordable rate. The enhancements include Risk Improvement, Temperature Fluctuation, increased limits for Data Restoration and Off-Premises Coverage, and more. These important new features are now available by endorsement on both new business and existing policies.


Our Commercial Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers a wide range of potential exposures both mechanical and electrical that could lead to an interruption in business and losses. Click here to learn more.


For a copy of the Commercial Power Plus Endorsement Coverage Comparison, click here.

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