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Stephanie Braden
Project Management Director

Last year, Centauri made the decision to transition from a long-standing relationship with Seibels to explore alternative options for implementing a new policy administration platform. Fortunately, our relationship with Applied Underwriters has offered an exciting opportunity to partner with a software development company called RivTech. As soon as the RivTech solution was selected, we immediately got started on designing and building out a quality system for our users. In addition to developing the system, we’ve also updated or established business processes to ensure our customer service, underwriting, accounting, and agency capabilities are there to support and service our business and customers. 
In August, we launched the first component of our new system – STARS (Situations Tasks Actions Results Service).  It released to a small group of FL agents to test drive and provide feedback. A handful of minor cosmetic changes were suggested with feedback being primarily positive. Agents like the slick new layout and the intuitive quoting interface. Multifactor authentication security features were also introduced, although the extra security has required a bit of an adjustment, it is expected to become an industry standard over time.
On September 1st, we opened STARS to all FL agents for writing new business; this date also marked issuance of the first policy on the new system. It’s been exciting to witness all the hard work put into developing STARS spring to life. The expanded duration of this project phase has facilitated our ability to observe a broad segment of transactions from endorsement and payment processing to policy cancellation.  
Our incremental launch has also paved the way for us to introduce the new system while still developing added features such as the integration of comparative raters, agency download, and consumer payment abilities. Agents can gradually migrate off IPX and onto STARS. Late November is the target for converting existing FL policies onto STARS and fully migrating agents onto the platform.
We still have a long way to go, both with the roll out of new states (Louisiana is next!) and adding new and improved capabilities. We are dedicated and focused to make Centauri the carrier of choice for both our agents and our insureds.
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