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What Makes a Best Place to Work? 
Centauri is Recognized as One of the Best Places to Work in 2019

Residential and commercial services, insurance, health care, social services, manufacturing services and a hair salon. The Herald-Tribune’s 2019’s list of Best Places to Work in Sarasota and Manatee contains quite a variety of workplaces, from larger companies to small and medium-sized companies alike. And ‘alike’ is the operative word. After examining the results collectively, the attributes that make a company a great place to work are similar. No matter the diversity of people, talents and personalities amongst employees and regardless of industry or corporate structure, four themes shine the brightest:

We are a family at work – in a big way. This is not just about having multigenerational owners continuing a family business, although there are a few of those in the mix. It is about a sense of caring and closeness. It manifests in employers genuinely supporting what employees need and employees having true concern for each other.

Employees appreciate when their company offers significant educational opportunities in the workplace. Whether online courses, training programs or company mentoring, people know that the chance to learn new skills translates into the ability to grow in their careers and in their lives.

Real communication between employer and employee is vital to workplace success. When an employer effectively communicates company goals, and an employee feels his or her contribution is valuable, an environment is created that fosters innovation and positive outcomes.

Fostering an environment where employees feel good about working hard, and also feel like they ‘have a life,’ reduces stress and helps prevent workplace burnout. This can be anything from work from home options and sponsoring events that help others, to contributing to fitness or health-related programs, encouraging fun and much more.

While the companies on 2019’s Best Places to Work list are ranked, it’s clear to employees that every single one is a winner. If all of the above doesn’t illustrate how much these businesses care about their employees, then the serious commitment it took to participate does. In order for an organization to take part in the Best Places to Work program it has to complete two surveys:

first, at least 80 percent of the company’s employees must complete a 76-question, confidential Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey, expressing their views and experiences with company culture. Second, a company manager – typically HR – fills out another survey about benefits and other company details.


The employee survey makes up 75 percent of each company’s score. The combined data is analyzed to determine each company’s strengths and challenges, with survey results determining the ranking of the list. All of the survey data is handled by Best Companies Group. This independent Pennsylvannia firm, founded in 2004, manages 60 Best programs and is a division of BridgeTower Media, a publishing and events business.

Source: the Herald-Tribune. To read the full article, please click here.

Giving Back to Our Community

Team Centauri Volunteers for Mayors' Feed the Hungry

Every November Team Centauri bands together to support one of our favorite charities, Mayors' Feed The Hungry. The 2019 food drive culminated on November 22nd when Centauri joined other volunteers from all over the area to sort and distribute food items to member agencies.


The program was started 32 years ago by then-Sarasota Mayor Fred Akins as a way to make sure the Sarasota and Manatee county food banks had enough food for the holidays for those who depend on them. Over the years the program has expanded to include food drives, community feedings and providing food gift cards throughout the year. The problem of hunger is so prevalent in our area that the program is now endorsed by all nine mayors in both Sarasota and Manatee counties as well as the County Commission Chairpersons.


Since its inception, Mayors' Feed the Hungry program has collected over 600 tons of food and over $3,600,000 in food gift cards.

At the Races and on the Links

Fitness for a Cause

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our everyday life including how we exercise. Many of us have adapted to working out at home our outdoors alone. We feel lucky that we were able to participate in 2 amazing events before the pandemic, Brown & Brown's Business Links Golf Tournament and the inaugural Tomahawk 5k.

Brown & Brown's 4th annual charity golf tournament was hosted on September 27th at West Bay Golf Club and featured a hearty breakfast, a round of championship golf, lunch and awards presentation. All proceeds benefitted Child Care of Southwest Florida. "One of our company’s core values is community involvement, and we partner with a number of nonprofit organizations that support youth programs and health care initiatives,” said Jason Cloar, executive vice president and profit center leader for Brown & Brown Insurance of Southwest Florida. “Child Care of Southwest Florida is committed to providing a quality, affordable education for the children of our community, and we are excited to return as presenting sponsor for the fourth annual Charity Golf Outing.”

Being a major sponsor of the new Atlanta Braves Spring Training facility in North Port, we were extremely excited when the announcement came out about the first annual Tomahawk 5k. This race showcased their new facility and our Super Suite, taking runners around the grounds and letting them finish inside the park along the baseline. This race benefited the Atlanta Braves Foundation, which supports several local charities. The foundation used proceeds from this event to give scholarships to three local high school students.

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